ALLIANCE Welcome Information Quality

Information Quality describes the fitness for use of the information provided.

It is important that information consumers understand where the data comes from so they can assess how much to trust any reports, metrics and other measures based on this data.

Is the data all the data or are some parts missing? Comprehensiveness
Does the data conform with reality? How many "corrections" or how much transformation was required when loading the data. Validity
How up-to-date is the data? When was the data loaded into the system? Timeliness

The data is complete, mostly accurate, and up-to-date

This is the system of record for all Alliance Foundation applications.

The information presented here is Complete, Accurate and Current. It is kept up-to-date by the Alliance Foundation developers.

BUT at the moment the notion of who is an Admin is set in the configuration settings and is not synched to the actual applications at runtime. This means that some "Admins" will not have admin access to some apps.